Zombie Apocalypse

So my friend took me to the shooting range today. We shot a M4 and a Desert Eagle. I’m a pretty good shot, seeing as I don’t really practice.

Shot with a M4 at 50 ft away. Pretty good for first time.

I have always been fascinated with the “Zombie Apocalypse.” We were playing the game, “Dead Island” which the plot is that you are trapped on an island full of zombies and have to survive to find your way off. It got me really thinking about the possibility of a zombie attack. Then I found this:


My friend was also watching this documentary about the “Zombie Apocalypse” and it really got me excited. I know, excited? That makes me seem a little extreme, insane even. I feel like I would survive very well. I am fast and light. I have great critical thinking skills, and I love the outdoors. I can plan, and travel well. I have good morals and leadership skills. plus, this would be a great excuse to get out of classes. I really liked this documentary because it goes through everything that you will need to know. Maybe you should take a second and learn a few good skills. You can say it won’t happen, but you better be right…

Zombies: A Living History (History Channel)

Asphalt Waves


My long board saved my life.

I live in Florida and not by the beach at all. I love to surf, but I’m two hours from the gulf and 3 from the East coast.  I finally get to feel that same feeling of cutting into the waves anywhere I can find a nice long hill. It’s great exercise and I’m improving my balance for when the real waves come in. It is nice not waiting in a line up, or waiting for a nice set. My board is also a great way to clear my head. I just jump on that board and all my worries and problems just can’t seem to keep up. I’ve always been quite an adrenaline junky, but this is not extreme to me. It’s relaxing. Some people sew, I board.