Family, Love, and Turkey

Gathered around the tube watching some pro football, I get a warm feeling of thanksgivings from the past. I remember the days when I could even fit at the kids table. Laughing and playing with my food. Telling jokes and playing until the “turkey coma” set in and you’d drop.

Getting older now I still have just as much fun, but I appreciate the togetherness of the family. I see my little cousins playing with each other and slowly growing up. Cousins my age looking like the adults that use to play with us. Now it’s my turn to be attacked by my little cousins as they drain what’s left of my energy, continuing the endless cycle of life.

The smell of pumpkin spice fills the air. Fresh bread and all the fixings. Finally the turkey is ready to make her debut. She wears a skin-tight golden silk-like skin. Glistening from the juices that escape from inside. We all bow our heads and bless one another as well as those who cannot join us. Then, we feast.

After the feathers settle we all gather back around the t.v. and continue with the football. Everyone recovering from the epic battles. One between them and their fork. The other between them and their belt. There are no winners in a civil war. After the blood bath, we complete the Hari Kari with a slice of pie. A final blow and then we’re down for the count. We hold our bellies as well as conversation until we literally roll out the door and back to our lives of regretting all the calories until Christmas comes right around the corner. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

Oh The Humanity!

I know it might sound, from the title, that this is a post about something bad. It’s not, so don’t worry. I’m writing this as I sit at Whole Foods, drinking a pint from one of my favorite breweries, just people watching. I love to people watch. I see families walking together. Couples laughing and holding hands. I see people from different backgrounds, from different countries, speaking different languages. I’m amazed at how many there are of us. I think of how far we’ve come as a species just floating around space on this huge orb we call home. It’s so complex how we started and how we’re “alive,” yet so many people would hardly take the time to slow down and live in the moment. If anything I feel like I do it too much, but this cannot be a bad thing. I feel like if we did it more often, this world would be a better place. If you take just a few minutes to realize how awesome all this is, I think you’ll find out why it’s better to be nicer to other people, why it matters so much to take care of our world, and how superficial greed is. I figure once you take care of your needs, then you can take care of someone else’s. When you want more than you need, in the end, it always turns out bad for you, others, and others to come. I may not be in the best financial situation compared to most, but I’m so lucky that happiness doesn’t come with a price.

Zombie Apocalypse

So my friend took me to the shooting range today. We shot a M4 and a Desert Eagle. I’m a pretty good shot, seeing as I don’t really practice.

Shot with a M4 at 50 ft away. Pretty good for first time.

I have always been fascinated with the “Zombie Apocalypse.” We were playing the game, “Dead Island” which the plot is that you are trapped on an island full of zombies and have to survive to find your way off. It got me really thinking about the possibility of a zombie attack. Then I found this:

My friend was also watching this documentary about the “Zombie Apocalypse” and it really got me excited. I know, excited? That makes me seem a little extreme, insane even. I feel like I would survive very well. I am fast and light. I have great critical thinking skills, and I love the outdoors. I can plan, and travel well. I have good morals and leadership skills. plus, this would be a great excuse to get out of classes. I really liked this documentary because it goes through everything that you will need to know. Maybe you should take a second and learn a few good skills. You can say it won’t happen, but you better be right…

Zombies: A Living History (History Channel)

Eve Was Unarmed. She Wasn’t Wearing a Hoodie. She Was Murdered. Are You Angry?

Eve Was Unarmed. She Wasn’t Wearing a Hoodie. She Was Murdered. Are You Angry?.

Ok I just have to say one thing. I did not think the Trayvon case was about racism. Maybe I’m just retarded. I kind of thought this would be a chance to look at the “Stand Your Ground” law. I couldn’t believe it passed in 2005 and I remember saying this exact thing was going to happen. Not about race, but someone using this law in the wrong way. I thought to myself, “wow, all I need to do is say I feel threatened and I can get away with murder.” I laughed! It was ridiculous to me. I’d like to think that all of us humans are good-hearted people, but let’s get real! There just hasn’t been any noise about it, until now. I want justice as much as the next person, but let’s also make sure this doesn’t happen again. We want to focus on the obvious, but PLEASE people, it is just going to keep happening if we don’t fix this! It’ll take strategy, not outrage.

I give everyone my love. Let’s fix this messed up, beautiful world!

One little human’s outcry…

I can’t take it anymore! Why don’t people open their minds more! Wake up people! Don’t push away truth because you don’t like it! Don’t live life unhappy because you don’t even know who you are! This economic problem is pretty simple! Capitalism only works with people circulating money thru it! It won’t work if people just hoard it and tie it up in real estate! First of all it’s impossible for everyone to be rich! DUH! And you don’t even want to talk about POPULATION CONTROL! It’s hard for 7 billion people to share anything! Everyone wants a family! Come on we have to be responsible! No one wants socialism! Why? Cause you won’t work as hard?! Then get out of the way for people who will! Good luck even finding a job! Least, one that pays what you want! Thank you people who live in their means and still enjoy life! We need to drop what we WANT, and learn to live with what we NEED! Why do we always wait till global disasters to show us this is beyond opinions and greed! Please! I’d rather another world collide into us, then die by the stupidity and ignorance of my own kind!!!!!! But tell me how I’m wrong, crazy, and sound like the homeless man on the corner by the bus station!

Asphalt Waves


My long board saved my life.

I live in Florida and not by the beach at all. I love to surf, but I’m two hours from the gulf and 3 from the East coast.  I finally get to feel that same feeling of cutting into the waves anywhere I can find a nice long hill. It’s great exercise and I’m improving my balance for when the real waves come in. It is nice not waiting in a line up, or waiting for a nice set. My board is also a great way to clear my head. I just jump on that board and all my worries and problems just can’t seem to keep up. I’ve always been quite an adrenaline junky, but this is not extreme to me. It’s relaxing. Some people sew, I board.